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Xuan chenghui yuan material technology co., LTD(简称“Hui yuan science and technology”)In2016Years12Month was established,Is located in the hometown of the famous four treasures of the study---Anhui xuancheng。The registered capital2000Ten thousand yuan,Covering an area of about33500Square meters。Is a set design、Development、Production and sales of high-end car shock absorber in one of science and technology enterprises,Plastic and metal new material in the field of technical advice、Technology transfer、Technical service enterprises。

The company has a professional research and development of automated production equipment and perfect condition,Strengthen the production scheduling、Quality control、Equipment failure analysis and network management。At the same time together elites,Introduction of professional talents,At the same time of adhere to independent research and development,The company actively with the international、Domestic well-known companies、Colleges and universities and research institutes to establish research and development cooperation,The collaborative innovation,Growing vitality。Hui yuan science and technology, the aim of providing quality products and services,To provide customers with professional solutions,We use the high quality service to solve your problem,Look forward to your calls,With us!

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